Intensive shortterm Coaching

Regain momentum
Improvement of self-management capacities: Intensive short-term coaching process

For companies and organisations we have developed the intensive shortterm coaching process, which can provoke sustainable change within short time.

The ongoing speeding up of our life is a typical sign of our times. Everything is increasing its speed, the number of contacts grow, and sleep and recovery times seem to fade away. Such a situation leads to stress scars even among the most successful people. They do not have the time to deal with challenges in a relaxed and calm way and so bring them to completion.

In the course of this short-term coaching process of three months duration, we identify the most stressful and damaging hang-ups and remedy them. Once this is cleared away you have the chance to move forward to a bright future with hope and self-confidence.

So gather momentum.


A total of 6 coaching-sessions of 90 – 120 minutes duration aiming to achieve the following:

Identify key stress issues and re-process them with Wingwave and other methods
Build work and life goals and bring them to life in active-alert state of consciousness
Overcome specific individual challenges or problems among others with Graves Value Test