The application for spelling is now on the market

As from April 2013 our German language spelling App can be procured from the App-Store.

HypeFlow is online…

A video in German language demostrates the new coaching tool: HypeFlow: Presentation, actions, interviews . An active-alert Flow-state is a state of deep trance produced through intensive movements of the body. Athlets know this state as “Runners’ High”. During the HypeFlow-Coaching process all hindrances are re-processed through the so-called ‘Shift Consciousness Coachings (SCC’).
For further informationen (unfortunately only in German) consult: HypeFlow Homepage.

Establishment of the new company

On April 30, 2012 Beatrice Ribaux-Geierand Claude André Ribaux created the new company Ribaux & Partner GmbH with a basic capital of CHF 20’000.– at the adress Beethovenstrasse 49, CH-8002 Zürich.

New: Active Alert Hypnosis

Active Alert Hypnosis provides the opportunity to achieve a deep trance state through body activity known among sportsmen as ‚Runner’s High’.

Dr. Eva I. Banyai, in co-operation with Dr. Ernest R. Hilgard of Stanford University started the development of Active Alert Hypnosis in 1974. Dr. G. Biró (Budapest/Ungarn) adapted the procedures to the performing sports and subsequently has coached the Hungarian kayak 4 team to an Olympic gold medal at Seoul in 1988. Again, for the Olympic Games in Beijing of 2008 he practised Active Alert Hypnosis with the captain of the Hungarian Waterball national team, which won the championship. Dr. Biro wrote: “…I trained him for 12 sessions. During several of the sessions I worked with Active Alert Hypnosis. During the Olympic Games he performed excellently, especially in the final against the USA-team (Hungary 14 : USA 10). This is already the second gold medal to which I had contributed. The first was in Seoul.“

The induction to the trance state is affected by corporal activity. During a session on a bicycle ergometer the trainee listens to suggestions emulating heat, lightness, and freshness/clarity, causing an increased euphoric state. The trance is not brought about by distraction, but by a combination of body action and the feelings provoked by specific suggestions. The procedure has been used in Hungary sind 1983 for the therapeutic work combatting fear, depressive state and addiction.

Our applications of Active Alert Hypnosis

  • Sport, music, top management
  • Induction and consolidation of flow state
  • Ego-reinforcement
  • Lack of motivation in school or at work
  • Regulation of pulse speed, blood pressure, hormonal balance
  • Depressive conditions
  • Activation of self-healing powers